Thursday, April 10, 2008

Archie, er Lucy Sez ....

... the robber write-ups really are funny and fun! and you are right about the suspects...very funny peeps, those perps. i think every one of them is hiding something. next time make them strip.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Investigating the Investigation of Second Life

check this out!
HAHAHAHAH Don't those idiots have anything to do besides harass athletes and now nerds?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sidekick Who Wants to be Nero

I see from the comments on the previous post that Miss Lucy wants her due! I am very happy to let everyone know. Lucy Tornado assisted me in my purchase of my Glock 9mm. She researched and finally located the piece while I was covertly observing the subjects at Caroline's party. Lucy stated I need an Archie. I offered her the job, but she said she would rather be Nero Wolfe.

To accomplish that, she would have to change gender, gain about 400 pounds, and get a greenhouse and a bunch of rare orchids. Good luck with that, Lucy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Caroline's Jewelry Heist

April 5, 2008: Assignment--Guard valuables during grand opening of Caroline's Jewelry, Lo Lo.

4:55PM SLT: Begin scoping out the place, observing the location of all valuable jewelry.

5:00PM: Guests begin to arrive. Several of them are worth observing as potential suspects should anything occur.

6:08PM: Caroline shouts "the diamond rings are missing!" A set of diamond rings, one man's ring and one woman's, are missing from a pedestal.

6:10PM: Begin questioning guests. See the transcript here. Some guests are clearly up to something.

6:30PM: Brian Mason sneaks around in a suspicious manner; I tail him.

6:40PM: Brian flees the scene and in the process, drops the rings. I pursue him, gun drawn.

6:45PM: Brian eludes capture and returns to the party, where he hides among the many guests.

6:50PM: Caroline offers sets of rings to all the guests to make up for my intrusive questins.

7:00PM: The party continues;I watch several suspects in case they try something else.

8:00PM: Off duty, I return to my office/apartment and log my notes. I publish the log as a permanent public record. Beware this Brian Mason, he appears to be a clever jewel thief!