Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mr. Ansar Follow Up

Lindinle Ansar: (Saved Fri Aug 15 07:06:09 2008) dude plz let me back in its a beautiful place were i like to kick back at

Edward Manray: hello Mr. Ansar, the owner will consider your request. Meanwhile, think about how to act on other people's property. First of all, you may not tell other people to leave. Secondly, no shooting or caging people on this parcel. I think if you are respectful, he may let you back in.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Strange Case of Mr. Ansar

Yesterday I was contacted by Mr. Salazar Jack, proprietor of Seaside Village in Cowell. He said someone had alerted him to an avatar pretending to own the property and giving people permission to squat there.

I said I would look into it ... then I did a search for this person, Lindinle Ansar, and found no record. I was skeptical he even existed. This evening I went to the lighthouse for the second time today to see if I could find out anything more about this person, and coincidentally, there he was!

He told me to leave and I said no. He shot me, wounding me slightly, and then he caged me twice; the cages shot up into the air and then released me. I was not injured from the fall, but my blood pressure flared.

I let him know he was acting abusively and I submitted an Abuse Report. Strangely enough, he offered friendship! I accepted, and that is why I know he exists.

Later on I came back to check on the matter, and Mr. Jack and I had a conversation about this criminal. I recommended he ban the person because if he acted that way toward me, a complete stranger, he would do the same with anyone, possibly annoying or frightening them.

As you can tell, he is real, or he could not appear on my Friends list. HOWEVER. He may be a hacker, entering our world illegally for some nefarious purpose. Beware.