Monday, April 7, 2008

Caroline's Jewelry Heist

April 5, 2008: Assignment--Guard valuables during grand opening of Caroline's Jewelry, Lo Lo.

4:55PM SLT: Begin scoping out the place, observing the location of all valuable jewelry.

5:00PM: Guests begin to arrive. Several of them are worth observing as potential suspects should anything occur.

6:08PM: Caroline shouts "the diamond rings are missing!" A set of diamond rings, one man's ring and one woman's, are missing from a pedestal.

6:10PM: Begin questioning guests. See the transcript here. Some guests are clearly up to something.

6:30PM: Brian Mason sneaks around in a suspicious manner; I tail him.

6:40PM: Brian flees the scene and in the process, drops the rings. I pursue him, gun drawn.

6:45PM: Brian eludes capture and returns to the party, where he hides among the many guests.

6:50PM: Caroline offers sets of rings to all the guests to make up for my intrusive questins.

7:00PM: The party continues;I watch several suspects in case they try something else.

8:00PM: Off duty, I return to my office/apartment and log my notes. I publish the log as a permanent public record. Beware this Brian Mason, he appears to be a clever jewel thief!


Osprey said...

I look forward to reading more about your cases, Ed.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Hi Ed, you need some back up, just gimme a call. I'm out of therapy again so can hold a gun more or less straight again. More or less.


Edward Manray said...

Thank you Ryne. There are times when I need some heavy-duty backup!