Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deram Bintfunker, jr.

I should have followed my training. Two in the head, make sure he is dead. The last time I saw Deram Bintfunker, jr., he was hanging from an assembly line hook by his eyeball. Video here. I will have to be watching my back.


Anonymous said...

This was a clash of the oiled titans ... I am glad I could help you. Now he will be stalking us though, darling. Enemies are an inevitable part of your line of work, and I gladly share the danger. If my arm had not been broken I would have gladly killed him.

Anonymous said...

Edward! Bravo my good man! I have rarely had the pleasure of witnessing such a finely honed specimen as yourself go homme-o-homme in a battle of bulging muscles. I tell no lie that I fainted twice and had to be revived both times by my new houseboy, Raoul (I have him on loan from Margaux, you know).

More sir, more! This time may I suggest some boxing in just your boxers!

Anonymous said...

I herd ed manry coll U a sissy Deram an then he laffed ha ha ha I thikn U need 2 take him doun he thinks hes hot but he just week